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How to determine Ring Size

How do you determine your ring size?

Queen Jewels realise that when buying rings for any occasion, you may not know the ring size. So, here we are to help you Ring size. Our rings size chart is measured according to the standard ring charts. We store a wide array of sizes. Always keep in mind that to measure ring size with a deep bandwidth needed to be slightly larger than the normal size of your finger. Also, a ring size depends on designs and can be re-sized or not depending on the gold. Please check with us about rring size until n unless the ring size chart is mentioned for the product.


Get the Free Ring Sizer

Queen Jewels provide free resizing for the selected diamond rings. Get a free consultant or check the ring size measurement tool for both men and women with our easy ring size explanation. . Diamond and gemstones rings are designed for ring finger size.  A ring sizing is necessary when in the course of the time the size of finger changes. The most important step is that you need to determine with ring measure that comes with a rings in graduated sizes.

We will help with process with How to determine ring size. There are methods by which you can measure the ring size. Questions you might ask are how to measure ring size for men or how to measure ring size for women? You do not have to go to a jewellery shop when you can already measure ring size online easily. Average women ring size ranges from size 3 to 9 and average men ring size varies from 8 to 14. Size 6 is the most popular choices among women and 9 is the popular among men.

How to measure ring sizes?

Two ways measuring ring size either you can use- The String Test and The Paper Test. Read below how to use a ring sizer:

The String Test

  • Cut a small piece of string or thread from a spool
  • Wrap it around your finger for an accurate measurement.
  • Compare the measurement with ring size chart
  • Double check for the perfect accuracy.
  • The Paper Test
  • Print out our paper ring sizer.
  • Make a clean cut on the line ‘Your Size’
  • Slip the pointed end through the cut by creating a circle
  • Place around the finger and pull the pointed end to create a tight fit.

Determine the number line that is your perfect ring size.

If you think that how to measure ring size at home, the string test would be the ideal choice.


How to determine ring size?

Knowing your ring size can be easier if you measure your finger properly. Refer this ring size chart to identify your ring size.


Tips of how do I measure my ring size

Since your finger size changes daily, measure your finger size when your finger is not cold.

Always borrow his or her ring before buying a ring as a gift and measure the ring with the help of ring measurement tool.

Make the use of ring adjuster. The ring should be enough snug that it should not fall off and not loose to slide over the knuckle.

Queen Jewels gladly helps you with resizing and measuring ring sizes online while you purchase from our online jewellery store.


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Diamond Fancy Color Ring – Rare & Varied Options

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Diamond Fancy Color Ring                                       Spice up your Ensemble

Extremely rare and beautiful, fancy colored diamond rings are the most sought after jewelry by passionate collectors and lovers alike. They make a perfect centre stones for either engagement rings or wedding rings as they sparkle like no other and really stand out fabulously.  One out of every 10000 diamonds has enough color to consider a fancy. Selecting fancy colour diamonds require a good look of different intensities like fancy, fancy intense and fancy vivid.

Add a pop of colour to your diamond collection from Queen Jewels. Select from our subtle fancy color diamond rings of black and white diamonds or fancy champagne rings that would make your special one speechless. Find the perfect accessory while you browse from Queen Jewel’s exquisite collection of colored diamond rings.


Spark your life with the coloured glitter

At Queen Jewels, fancy color diamond ring is a contemporary declaration of love that pierces your lover’s heart with its every sparkle and glimmer. Our range of diamond solitaire rings to cluster rings to engagement rings bring you a fresh style with colored diamonds on them. We store assorted rings like black and white diamond rings, fancy yellow diamond ring and chocolate diamond rings.

Pink Color diamond Ring are very very rare , exotic and expensive. We can provid you pink color diamond rings on demand.

Blue Diamonds – are very popular as they are not very expensive . We have good color range of Blue Diamond Rings

Brown Diamond – Brown or the chocolate diamond rings are the jet setters that have been set by the 2nd Century Romans. Celebrate your priced moment with the most exotic fancy colored diamond and raise her spirit with our engagement rings including brown diamonds engagement rings and wedding rings including chocolate diamond wedding rings.

Yellow Diamond- Queen Jewels’ color diamonds offer you the canary diamond collection of yellow diamonds engagement rings and wedding rings. We offer you sparkling fancy intense yellow diamond ring that evokes sunshine and happiness for your promised journey.

White Diamond- Flash the rich moment with the shimmering opal diamonds and delight the magical lustre from our collection ranging yellowish hues, bluish, pinkish and brownish.

Black Diamond- Tantalise your unforgettable day with the mystical aura of black diamond rings and add a dramatic touch to your beautiful moments with style.

Fancy the hearts of all

Diamonds give you a fresh twist with a classic look. Pair nicely champagne diamonds with black diamond rings or go classy with a combination of black and white. Start shopping at your heart’s delight from Queen Jewels where you’ll find a variety of fancy colored diamond with breathtaking cuts to complement any look.

Spice up your ensemble by adding a touch of flair with a colored diamond ring from Queen jewels inc Diamonds. Select from subtle promise rings with bands of black and white diamonds or fancy champagne rings that would make anyone jealous. Whether it’s for yourself or a special someone, you’ll find the perfect accessory as you browse Queen jewels inc Diamonds’ exquisite collection of colored diamond rings.

Offering stunning complimentary pieces, our online jewelry store has the direct access to sparkle your day at affordable rates. For any occasion and events, our store stacks diamonds in vibrant colour where you can customise in your own way. Our impressive collections guarantee you certification that resonant high quality.

Queen Jewels’ diamonds are the highest diamond grades in the Diamond Fancy colour group and the fancy colours exhibit clarity to the naked eye.

Start shopping now at Queen Jewels and find diamond jewelry that perfectly expresses your sentiments and style!